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Sudden AttackSudden Attack
How to use MD5
  1. First, download the MD5 checker program (download here); install the program once download is complete.
  2. Start up the MD5 checker, click on ?rowse?and find the Sudden Attack SEA client file you have downloaded.
  3. Once you have selected the client file, you will be shown a series of numbers and letter under ?urrent file MD5 checksum value:?
  4. Copy the MD5 checksum from Sudden Attack SEA official download page and paste it into ?riginal file MD5 checksum value?
  5. Click on ?erify?to compare both numbers.

  1. If both numbers are identical, it means your game client was successfully downloaded.
  2. If either number does not match, it means your game client could be damage and might be faulty. Please delete your game client and download it again from Sudden Attack SEA official website.
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